Links and resources on the Palestine/Israel conflict

There is a huge amount of relevant material on the web, in print, and in video form. We include below a selection of some useful resources. There is no attempt to be exhaustive, which would make the list enormous and in need of constant updating.

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Some UK/US Jewish sites: Some Israeli sites:

Films & Videos

Jewish Voice for Peace have produced this 6 minute video giving a basic introduction to the Israel/Palestine conflict.

Independent Jewish Voices have produced a 25 minute film to mark the troubling legacy of the Balfour Declaration of 1917, one hundred years on. 100 Years After Balfour features seven experts and activists: Professor Avi Shlaim, Professor Jacqueline Rose, Rabbi Howard Cooper, Professor Brian Klug, Antony Lerman, Barnaby Raine and Miri Weingarten.

Miko Peled, the son of Matti Peled, a famous Israeli general. gave this talk in Seattle on 1 October 2012, to promote his book "The General's son: the journey of an Israeli in Palestine".

Dr Ilan Pappé "The Forgotten Palestinians", a talk of the same title as his book about the Palestinian citizens of Israel, given on 16 September 2012 at Sydney University, Australia.
An earlier talk by Dr Ilan Pappé "The False Paradigm of Peace", was given in Vancouver, 5 May 2012.
Dr Pappé, an Israeli historian, is Director of the European Center for Palestine Studies at Exeter University, UK.

Palestinian word artist Raefeef Ziadah recites We teach life, sir in London, November 2011.

Civil Alliance A film by Ariella Azoulay 2012 (English subtitles after the opening scene).
Jews and Palestinians gather around a map of Mandatory Palestine to report a civil race against the clock taking place in palestine until the founding of the State of Israel in May 1948. Intense civil activity was happening throughout the country,in which participants raised demands, sought compromises, set rules, formulated agreements ... and did everything possible not to let violence take over their lives. They did their utmost to halt the violence that national and military forces were intent on igniting and negotiated with each other in order to create mutual civil alliances. This film is based upon civil/historical/visual research.

The Promise, broadcast on Channel 4 and still available on their website. Peter Kosminski's four part drama covering two periods sixty years apart in time. A young British woman, Erin, spending the summer with a Jewish family in Israel, retraces places and people from the diary of her grandfather, Len, who served in the British army in Palestine in 1947-8. Stunning, and highly disturbing.


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