University of Kent Palestine Solidarity Group
Israeli Apartheid Week
Monday 23 February - Friday 27 February 2015

Israeli Apartheid Week is an international event with many universities taking part. All events are on University of Kent Campus and are open to the public.

6pm Monday 23 February, KLT5 (Keynes Lecture Theatre 5)
Michael Deas A Strategy for International Solidarity

Michael Deas is an activist from London, part of London Palestine Action, national coordinator for the BDS campaign and involved with the charity War on Want. He will speak about the importance of the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS) and the reasons behind the national campaign to boycott G4S. Note that there is an ongoing campaign to cancel the University of Kent's contract with G4S.

6pm Tuesday 24 February, KLT3 (Keynes Lecture Theatre 3)
Shabbir Lakha Economics of the Occupation

Shabbir Lakha, a Kent Alumnus, co-coordinated the first Israeli Apartheid Week at the University of Kent and has been contributing to the society for the past five years. He will be speaking about the economic framework of the Israel-Palestine conflict and the similarities and differences with Apartheid South Africa.

6pm Wednesday 25th February, RLT1 (Rutherford Lecture Theatre 1)
Film Roadmap to Apartheid A historical documentary that draws the similarities between the apartheid regime in South Africa and the Israeli regime that governs Palestinians. It is directed by Ana Nogueira, a white South African, and Eron Davidson a Jewish Israeli.

6pm Thursday 26 February, KLT3
Ben White Israeli Apartheid: A Beginner's Guide

We are proud to host, for the first time, this renowned British journalist and activist. He has published a number of books regarding the Israeli State and its ongoing injustices against Palestinian human rights, self-determination and independence. He will speaking about racism and the multifaceted aspects of Israeli apartheid.

6pm Friday 27 February, KLT1
Film Occupation 101