Israel’s hidden victims: the Bedouin of the Negev

Dr Awad Abu Freih heads the Chemistry Department of Sapir College in the Negev. He is also spokesman for Al Araqib, a Bedouin village demolished twenty eight times since July 2010. He will speak about Israel’s little reported ‘war’ against the Negev Bedouin, who have been driven from land they have occupied for hundreds of years. Forced to relocate to huge townships, rife with poverty, unemployment and crime, the Negev Bedouin have seen their land stolen to enable the establishment of Jewish settlements, agricultural projects and forests. Dr Abu Freih coordinates a new umbrella group ‘Recognition Now’, which brings together Bedouin, Jewish and international groups who are campaigning for Bedouin land and civil rights.

Visiting UK in 11-20 October, Dr Abu Freih will be speaking in Oxford, St Albans, Bedford, Luton, Leamington, Gloucester, London, Canterbury, Bristol, Sherborne. His speaking tour is sponsored by Jews for Justice for Palestinians.

Dr Awad Abu Freih's personal story.

Briefing notes on the Negev Bedouin compiled by David Turner.